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In an earlier post I discussed aspects of Bhanu Kapil’s 1999 reading in Colorado. PennSound recently posted a 2001 reading in Hawaii which includes Kapil reading some of the same poems. I wanted to place some brief but notable moments from both readings next to one another. I’ve become very interested in paying attention to […]

The following recordings are from “In The American Tree” a radio show hosted by Lyn Hejinian & Kit Robinson (8-11-78): From a List of Delusions of the Insane (What They Are Afraid Of) Berrigan discusses his various methods

#1 Catullus #48 (studio recording) #2 Catullus #48 Naropa (1987) #3 Catullus #48 from Rattle Up A Deer (Live at Penny Lane 1989) * #1+#2 overlapped

As I mentioned in the Baraka post, when I heard Mackey’s live reading on PENNsound of “Song of the Andoumboulou: 19” I had another version in my memory that included music. 1) This is the live PENNsound recording: Mackey’s “Song of the Andoumboulou: 19” without music 2) This version is from Mackey’s studio recording “Strick: […]

The versions of Baraka’s “Black Dada Nihilsmus” and Mackey’s “Song of the Andoumboulou: 19” that I picked for the PENNsound MP3 feature are not accompanied by music. However, when I picked these tracks I had the echoes of other versions that were accompanied music in the back of my head. (I’ll discuss the Mackey in […]

As I was listening to this Eileen Myles recording from Boston in 2002 this particular sentence stood out: Myles’ comments (See the previous Eleni Sikelianos post for more context about paratextual comments as poems.)

My friend Stan Mir recently let me borrow a bunch of tapes so that we could digitize them. One of the tapes that I was really excited about was a George Stanley reading from 2000 at the Poetry Project. Happily, the cassette was labeled well and had a listing of poems. I’ve had the tape […]