Overlapping Listening


I would like to point out that this site allows multiple clips to play simultaneously. If you hold the cursor over any of the pink text (without clicking on it) an audio player application will pop up and you can hit play. Once one of the files is playing you can move on to another one and start it off too. My favorite combination is the applause at the end of Mark McMorris’ reading and Andrew Joron reading the Hugo Ball poem. Another good combination is all 3 versions of the O’Hara poem simultaneously. This kind of thing is especially useful when you’re trying to pay attention to the sound environment of different versions of the same poem. 


One Response to “Overlapping Listening”

  1. Hi, Eric,

    Thanks so much for the link to Lipstick of Noise and for this great project. I’ve written a little about the Ceravolo track which your 11 May post turned me on to here:


    Looking forward to your good company on this shared trek!


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