Bhanu Kapil readings/versions


In an earlier post I discussed aspects of Bhanu Kapil’s 1999 reading in Colorado. PennSound recently posted a 2001 reading in Hawaii which includes Kapil reading some of the same poems.

I wanted to place some brief but notable moments from both readings next to one another. I’ve become very interested in paying attention to multiple recorded versions of the same poem, particularly parts of poems that really stand out in one version as emphasized and are somewhat less foregrounded in another version. (This issue came up in my earlier post on Baraka.)

The following clips place an excerpt from the Colorado reading before the same part of the poem during the Hawaii reading:


“I came here…”

2 consecutive versions of parts from “The House of Waters”

This is a print excerpt of “The House of Waters” from Autobiography of a Cyborg.

See the Kapil Page on PENNsound for full readings.


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