Jack Spicer reading “Language” and “The Holy Grail”


This recording of Spicer reading all of Language was just posted to PENNsound.

A recording of Spicer reading all of The Holy Grail is also available on the PENNsound Spicer Page.

I’m hoping to comment on these readings in more detail when I get the chance.


3 Responses to “Jack Spicer reading “Language” and “The Holy Grail””

  1. stumbled into yr blog again & thinking proper ought drop note & tnx fer yr careful insight into these files. have been following some time (maybe a year? — there’s a little poetry group run by craig dworkin in utah that read yr psuedo-title wch i didn’t have as in tokyo.. . to the digress) — so TNX!

    these, esp are marvelous files. tripped into yr site while peering around for infos on ‘language’ as i’m editing the files a bit this week. think it would be helpful to create more points of entry into ‘language’ wch is totally fabulous.

    wud be eager to hear yr comments, at that.

    mainly, tho, tnx.

    j.h c

  2. Thanks! I’m glad to meet you. I was into the new MP3’s you posted. Did you mean that the reading group in Utah read The To Sound (the book) or this site? If you wanted a copy, just send me your address and I’ll mail you one. I hope you’re doing well. Best, Eric

  3. hehe, yah — by ‘psuedo-title’ i did mean ‘The To Sound’ — i love redoublings. my thots even then tho, were all to yr blog & its work. i love this idea of audio-archival criticism (reflection?). in fact, now i’m putting together a site called Hebdomadal towards that — you might be interested in — & surely i’d love to gather some of yr words for — i’ll drop more notes as develops?

    keep up the good work here! also: see archived here: http://writing.upenn.edu/pennsound/x/featured-resources-archive.php
    if that looks right to you? surely can post any notes / addendum you like if interested?

    cheers tho!

    j.h c

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