DuPlessis’s “Draft 85: Hard Copy” and Oppen’s “Of Being Numerous”


I was excited to see this recording of Rachel Blau DuPlessis reading her poem “Draft 85: Hard Copy” up on PENNsound. In the poem’s footnotes, DuPlessis explains: “This poem, as will be evident, is mapped loosely on, thinks about, and responds to George Oppen’s 1968 work ‘Of Being Numerous.'” I thought it might be useful to collect the audio text, the print version, as well as two recordings of Oppen reading Of Being Numerous. I included two Oppen readings here because the first is complete but the second is of higher sound quality.

Rachel Blau DuPlessis reads “Draft 85: Hard Copy”.

Full text of “Draft 85: Hard Copy” on Web Conjunctions.

Oppen reading all of Of Being Numerous at the 92nd Street Y, 1967

Oppen reading an excerpt from Of Being Numerous (sections 1-22) from Selected Readings, 1979 recording

Note: Because of time constraints I haven’t updated this site very regularly. I think for the time being I might post more frequently but in less detail. Right now I’m interested in simply pointing out recordings that interest me. Perhaps I’ll come back later and flesh out more of a response. Also, I’m always open to comments other people might have about the recordings I post.

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