Lucier piece performed by Chris Cogburn on UBUweb


Alvin Lucier’s The Only Talking Machine of its Kind in the World (for speaker and tape-delay system)

LINK to page on UBUweb

Chris Cogburn – speaker
Christopher Burns – computer and electronics
Matt Ingalls – computer and electronics

The Score:
Alvin Lucier – “The Only Talking Machine of Its Kind in the World” for any stutterer, stammerer, lisper, person with faulty or halting speech, regional dialect or foreign accent or any other anxious speaker who believes in the healing power of sound (1969)

“Ask friends to design a tape-delay system in the form of a totem pole, mandala, labyrinth, tree or any other visual configuration. Talk to an audience through a public address system for a long enough time to reveal the peculiarities of your speech. After the peculiarities of your speech have been revealed, your friends may begin building the tape-delay system into which your speech, tapped from the public address system, is fed. Talk, during the building of the tape-delay system, about that which will best reveal the peculiarities of your speech; but from time to time read from a text or tell a story of a people, real or imagined, who have not had or do not now have any idea about anxious speech. Continue talking after the completion of the tape-delay system until, due to the annihilation of the peculiarities of your speech by the tape-delay system, anxiety about your speech is relieved or it becomes clear that the tape-delay system is failing and will continue to fail to bring this about.”


One Response to “Lucier piece performed by Chris Cogburn on UBUweb”

  1. Hi Eric,

    Have you had any contact w/Chris? He’s a totally insane percussionist/amazing person!! Here’s a link to some (kind of shoddy) video of a performance w/Michelle Detorie for the launch reading of the 2nd Dos chap:

    Also, thought I’d ask if you had any interest in a book swap? I have a few things I could send your way…

    All best,
    CJ Martin

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