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Ish Klein interviews the Quay Brothers. Advertisements

Publishers Weekly recently ran a review of Tuned Droves. Tuned Droves Eric Baus. Octopus (SPD, dist.) $12 paper (88p) ISBN 978-0-9801938-1-7 Baus’s second collection picks up where his debut, The To Sound, left off, exploring the ways we mishear, misread and misunderstand, and offering novel means of reading a kind of insular, new language. The […]

3 poems from Fred Moten’s 2-28-08 UPENN reading: William Parker/Fred McDowell “…song for a moving picture of the tone world…” *** There is Blackness “…a particular embraced affinity of veering…” *** I come from around…” (from “I ran from it and was still in it.”) “…song is homeless for running away inside…”

Here is a new review of Tuned Droves written by Brigitte Byrd in Oranges & Sardines. Click on image to enlarge: