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A really great conversation between CAConrad and Garrett Caples up on Phillysound. Caples reading at Pegasus Books in 2007. A review of his second book, Complications, by Brian Strang on the Verse Blog. Another review of Complications by John Olson on Galatea Resurrects. Caples’ books for sale at SPD. Advertisements

Tuesday by Lisa Robertson.

My Mother by John Wieners. Wieners’ newly updated PENNsound page. Steve Evans has a post on Wieners’ poem “Cocaine” from the same reading.

A new review of Tuned Droves up on Rob Mclennan’s blog. Thanks Rob!

Cincinnati: Eric Baus, Gina Myers, and Dana Ward Thursday, Aug. 13, at 7 p.m. Bon Mot/ley Reading Series The Bon Mot/ley Reading Series takes place in the Clifton Cultural Arts Center on the second Thursday of each month. The CCAC is located at 3711 Clifton Ave., and you can learn more about the center here: […]