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Coolidge’s introduction to the reading. And this is Section 3, my favorite, because he writes “Someone holds that only the writing will be taken as truth, but I not only can’t imagine that being true, I can’t even imagine the truth being imagined.” Advertisements

From PENNsound’s singles collection: Lorine Niedecker reading in 1970. This originally turned up years ago on Factory School’s audio archive. Speaking of which, Factory School’s audio archive was something I listened to a lot years and years ago. I glanced at their site and it looks like the audio’s down or maybe migrated to PENNsound. […]

Cecilia Vicuna reads “Water” on the Linebreak audio program in 1995. I recently started re-listening to a bunch of the older Linebreak interview/readings hosted by Charles Bernstein. When I lived in Indiana in the late 90’s and still had a dial-up connection, I would listen to these and it opened up a whole constellation of […]

Apparently someone searched for “Brad Flis MP3” earlier. It made me remember that I had this great reading by Brad in my iTunes. Hear Brad Flis reading in Amherst in 2005.

Ronald Johnson reads at Stanford University, November 19, 1989 (via Pennsound). I especially loved hearing his comments between poems and hearing him laugh to himself. It’s also great to hear the exchanges between Johnson and the small (?) audience. This is a website devoted to Johnson w/ some great info, (forthcoming) files, interviews, etc. Two […]

Claude Royet-Journoud reads in French and Keith Waldrop reads English translations in 1984 at the Ear Inn NYC.

University of Denver’s Word + Image archive. Some recordings of recent readings and guest lectures available on the site: Robin Blaser Alice Notley Eileen Myles Rae Armantrout In the near future, recordings of Renee Gladman, Tomaz Salamun, and many others will be available.