Ronald Johnson reading; Piero Heliczer films


Ronald Johnson reads at Stanford University, November 19, 1989 (via Pennsound). I especially loved hearing his comments between poems and hearing him laugh to himself. It’s also great to hear the exchanges between Johnson and the small (?) audience. This is a website devoted to Johnson w/ some great info, (forthcoming) files, interviews, etc.

Two Piero Heliczer films on Ubuweb.On the same page, an obituary by Tom Raworth that gives some context for his work and life.

2 Responses to “Ronald Johnson reading; Piero Heliczer films”

  1. yay. this reading made my friday morning! I wonder why rj recordings aren’t on pennsound?

  2. Hi Dawn,

    Yeah, it’s a great recording! I actually am linking directly to PENNsound”s mp3 on this site. I bet that new RJ recordings will surface and that PENNsound will probably host them. There’s one that says it’s forthcoming on the RJ website that I linked to. I’m definitely looking forward to more recordings of him.


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