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Bob Perelman reads his poem China at SFSU (early 80’s?) This is from a cassette I ordered from SFSU poetry archives in the late 90’s, which I lost years ago. I’ve been recently re-reading Perelman’s Primer (This Press, 1981) and The First World (The Figures, 1986). “China” appears in Primer. Listen to Perelman read at […]

Albert Mobilio reads an excerpt from The Geographics. I don’t have any info on time, date, or venue. Mobilio is so good. You should check out his work if you don’t know it already. This is a link to Mobilio talking with Leonard Schwartz on XCP in 2005. Mobilio reads “step 1” and “step 2” […]

Renee Gladman reads “First Sleep” from Juice. I love this recording of Renee Gladman reading in Hawaii several years ago. I originally heard this on Juliana Spahr’s Try Listen site but I haven’t been able to view it the last few times I’ve tried. I uploaded it above so people could hear it again. This […]

There’s a new review of Tuned Droves in Galatea Resurrects #13 written by Virginia Konchan. ——— TUNED DROVES by ERIC BAUS VIRGINIA KONCHAN Reviews Tuned Droves by Eric Baus (Octopus Books, Portland, OR and Brooklyn, N.Y., 2008) Being able to attenuate the ear from behind a variously constructed partition is key, for the speaker and […]

Leonard Schwartz hosts XCP: Cross Cultural Poetics, a wonderful radio show of readings and discussions with poets. Here are a few recent XCP episodes that were particularly exciting to come across: Jean Daive reads in French and Leonard Schwartz reads Rosmarie Waldrop’s english translation. Nathalie Stephens reads and discusses recent work on XCP.

Travis Nichols writing about poetry for The Huffington Post.

“Half of what I carried flew away” is an audio/video collaboration with Andrea Rexilius currently up on Trickhouse. (The films are best viewed on Safari. Firefox crops them and hides the play button. You can still play them by double clicking on the image).