Renee Gladman reading “First Sleep” from her book Juice


Renee Gladman reads “First Sleep” from Juice. I love this recording of Renee Gladman reading in Hawaii several years ago. I originally heard this on Juliana Spahr’s Try Listen site but I haven’t been able to view it the last few times I’ve tried. I uploaded it above so people could hear it again.

This is the kind of recording that I’m especially interested in. There’s a ton of background sound (planes, cars, motorcycles, etc.) but you can still hear her voice clearly. This is one of the recordings I used to play on repeat on headphones when I lived in Philadelphia. It was great because it was like superimposing another sonic landscape on top of wherever I was walking. Because there are so many sounds on the recording in addition to speech, I found myself particularly keyed into the material qualities of the language. Phrases and individual words such as the “also” in “And also I was in the street.” accrue an understated power.

PENNsound currently has several recordings of Renee Gladman reading:
NYC The Line Series 5/22/01 (This reading is a manuscript version of an excerpt from her book The Activist)

NYC Segue Series 2/12/05

NYC Segue Series 5/10/08

Tucson, AZ POG Series 2/21/09


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