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Watch a film by Joshua Marie Wilkinson of Moten reading a poem at Rabbit Light Movies. Read Moten’s blog posts on Harriet on the Poetry Foundation website. Moten’s commentary and one of his poems on the Poetry Society of America site. Moten’s new book B Jenkins (Duke University Press) is available on Amazon (and elsewhere) […]

I like listening to the entirety of a work. Usually the space of the live reading doesn’t permit that. In this case, Susan Howe is reading a different section of her book “Singularities” at 3 different times/locations (all recordings from Howe’s Pennsound Page). If you read along, it’s interesting to hear how she voices the […]

Today I was re-listening to Fred Moten‘s lecture “Black Kant (Pronounced Chant)” on Pennsound and at one point he plays a recording of Norman Pritchard reading the poem “Gyre’s Galax.” It sounded great, and tracking it down was a lot easier than I expected. You can hear a sample of it on Amazon, and buy […]

Barbara Guest reads the entirety of her book Quill, Solitary Apparition (The Post-Apollo Press 1996 ) in 1999 at the Kootenay School of Writing. * 3 Poems via PENNsound: The Blue Stairs Saving Tallow An Emphasis Falls on Reality

Anselm Berrigan writing about page space, etc. on the Harriet Blog. A brief excerpt: “I don’t use a system for getting off of the margin. Do not use breath, heartbeat, division of mental ideas, variable feets, aleatory products (like food stuffs or fuzzy dice or tracking twitches), concrete patterning, happy erasures, typographic growth serums, computer […]

Bhanu Kapil reading an alternate version of Humanimal, a Project for Future Children on the Kelsey Street Press website.

Robert Gluck reads several pieces that appear in Denny Smith (Clear Cut Press, 2003) at the Line Reading Series in NYC in 2002 (via Pennsound).