Susan Howe reading the entirety of “Singularities” (gathered from multiple readings)


I like listening to the entirety of a work. Usually the space of the live reading doesn’t permit that. In this case, Susan Howe is reading a different section of her book “Singularities” at 3 different times/locations (all recordings from Howe’s Pennsound Page). If you read along, it’s interesting to hear how she voices the text that moves around the page.

I. Articulation of Sound Forms in Time (Segue Series, April 12, 1986)
II. Thorow: Introduction (Radio Readings Project, 1998)
Thorow: I
Thorow: II
Thorow: III
III. Scattering As Behavior Toward Risk (SUNY Buffalo, March 31, 1995)


Some alternate versions of Thorow:

In the following version of Thorow she either chooses not to include some of the most difficult to read pages (or perhaps they weren’t in this manuscript version): Thorow (Segue Series, June 20, 1987)

In this recording Howe reads all of Thorow at the Kelly Writers House, Wednesday, February 14, 2007. Here, she begins with some epigraphs not included in “Singularities”.

I’m also uploading a 16 second excerpt from Thorow – Part Three as performed by Susan Howe & Dave Grubbs on the CD Thiefth. It’s a wonderful recording that seems to be out of print. In this small clip you can hear some of the ways Howe & Grubbs rendered the polyvocality of the text.


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