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QUESTIONS: What is the working title of the book? I’m not sure. The file on my computer is named “Pupils” but I’ve been thinking about the title “Mirage Repair” ever since I saw a cleaning service truck in Denver advertising “Mirage Services.” Where did the idea come from for the book? The manuscript only consists […]

Ed Roberson reads the poem Sequoia Sempervirens from his book City Eclogue on January 21st, 2006 in NY at the Segue Series. (Segmented from a longer recording on Pennsound).

I’ve been thinking a lot about how best to present and sequence audio texts in relationship to print texts lately. I spent most of this afternoon segmenting a recording of Grace Paley reading from UMass so that I can play it for my students next week. I’m teaching her Collected Stories in a post WWII-present […]

This is a recording of my brief comments about using audio files in the creative writing classroom, delivered on April 8th 2010 at the AWP conference as part of The Networked Poetry Classroom Panel.

W.B. Yeats’ The Lake Isle of Innisfree & Bernadette Mayer’s Sonnet (You Jerk) . When I teach intro poetry classes, I have found that playing these recordings next to one another provoked a lively discussion of diction, tone, etc. Obviously, the contrast between these two poets and poems is fairly stark, but we also look […]

A review by Rob Mclennan of Tuned Droves is in Jacket.

Lisa Robertson’s new book R’s Boat is now available from University of California. Tan Lin’s new book 7 Controlled Vocabularies and Obituary 2004. The Joy of Cooking [AIRPORT NOVEL MUSICAL POEM PAINTING FILM PHOTO HALLUCINATION LANDSCAPE] is now available from Wesleyan University Press.

Watch a film by Joshua Marie Wilkinson of Moten reading a poem at Rabbit Light Movies. Read Moten’s blog posts on Harriet on the Poetry Foundation website. Moten’s commentary and one of his poems on the Poetry Society of America site. Moten’s new book B Jenkins (Duke University Press) is available on Amazon (and elsewhere) […]

I like listening to the entirety of a work. Usually the space of the live reading doesn’t permit that. In this case, Susan Howe is reading a different section of her book “Singularities” at 3 different times/locations (all recordings from Howe’s Pennsound Page). If you read along, it’s interesting to hear how she voices the […]

Today I was re-listening to Fred Moten‘s lecture “Black Kant (Pronounced Chant)” on Pennsound and at one point he plays a recording of Norman Pritchard reading the poem “Gyre’s Galax.” It sounded great, and tracking it down was a lot easier than I expected. You can hear a sample of it on Amazon, and buy […]

Barbara Guest reads the entirety of her book Quill, Solitary Apparition (The Post-Apollo Press 1996 ) in 1999 at the Kootenay School of Writing. * 3 Poems via PENNsound: The Blue Stairs Saving Tallow An Emphasis Falls on Reality

Anselm Berrigan writing about page space, etc. on the Harriet Blog. A brief excerpt: “I don’t use a system for getting off of the margin. Do not use breath, heartbeat, division of mental ideas, variable feets, aleatory products (like food stuffs or fuzzy dice or tracking twitches), concrete patterning, happy erasures, typographic growth serums, computer […]

Bhanu Kapil reading an alternate version of Humanimal, a Project for Future Children on the Kelsey Street Press website.

Robert Gluck reads several pieces that appear in Denny Smith (Clear Cut Press, 2003) at the Line Reading Series in NYC in 2002 (via Pennsound).

Bernadette Mayer reading and being interviewed by Susan Howe in 1979 (via Pennsound). * Two recordings from the Naropa online audio archives: Mayer leads a class on memory at Naropa in 1978. Mayer talks about several of her books at Naropa in 1989.

Dodie Bellamy reads at Kootenay School of Writing on Saturday, August 23, 1997. In her intro comments, Bellamy discusses The Letters of Mina Harker (Hard Press, 1998) and this reading seems to be one of the letters from the project that didn’t appear in that book. It’s in two parts: Part A & Part B.

Bob Perelman reads his poem China at SFSU (early 80’s?) This is from a cassette I ordered from SFSU poetry archives in the late 90’s, which I lost years ago. I’ve been recently re-reading Perelman’s Primer (This Press, 1981) and The First World (The Figures, 1986). “China” appears in Primer. Listen to Perelman read at […]

Albert Mobilio reads an excerpt from The Geographics. I don’t have any info on time, date, or venue. Mobilio is so good. You should check out his work if you don’t know it already. This is a link to Mobilio talking with Leonard Schwartz on XCP in 2005. Mobilio reads “step 1” and “step 2” […]

Renee Gladman reads “First Sleep” from Juice. I love this recording of Renee Gladman reading in Hawaii several years ago. I originally heard this on Juliana Spahr’s Try Listen site but I haven’t been able to view it the last few times I’ve tried. I uploaded it above so people could hear it again. This […]

There’s a new review of Tuned Droves in Galatea Resurrects #13 written by Virginia Konchan. ——— TUNED DROVES by ERIC BAUS VIRGINIA KONCHAN Reviews Tuned Droves by Eric Baus (Octopus Books, Portland, OR and Brooklyn, N.Y., 2008) Being able to attenuate the ear from behind a variously constructed partition is key, for the speaker and […]

Leonard Schwartz hosts XCP: Cross Cultural Poetics, a wonderful radio show of readings and discussions with poets. Here are a few recent XCP episodes that were particularly exciting to come across: Jean Daive reads in French and Leonard Schwartz reads Rosmarie Waldrop’s english translation. Nathalie Stephens reads and discusses recent work on XCP.

Travis Nichols writing about poetry for The Huffington Post.

“Half of what I carried flew away” is an audio/video collaboration with Andrea Rexilius currently up on Trickhouse. (The films are best viewed on Safari. Firefox crops them and hides the play button. You can still play them by double clicking on the image).

Elizabeth Willis reading her poem The Wolfman at SUNY-Buffalo, April 9, 2003 (via PENNsound).

Coolidge’s introduction to the reading. And this is Section 3, my favorite, because he writes “Someone holds that only the writing will be taken as truth, but I not only can’t imagine that being true, I can’t even imagine the truth being imagined.”

From PENNsound’s singles collection: Lorine Niedecker reading in 1970. This originally turned up years ago on Factory School’s audio archive. Speaking of which, Factory School’s audio archive was something I listened to a lot years and years ago. I glanced at their site and it looks like the audio’s down or maybe migrated to PENNsound. […]

Cecilia Vicuna reads “Water” on the Linebreak audio program in 1995. I recently started re-listening to a bunch of the older Linebreak interview/readings hosted by Charles Bernstein. When I lived in Indiana in the late 90’s and still had a dial-up connection, I would listen to these and it opened up a whole constellation of […]

Apparently someone searched for “Brad Flis MP3” earlier. It made me remember that I had this great reading by Brad in my iTunes. Hear Brad Flis reading in Amherst in 2005.

Ronald Johnson reads at Stanford University, November 19, 1989 (via Pennsound). I especially loved hearing his comments between poems and hearing him laugh to himself. It’s also great to hear the exchanges between Johnson and the small (?) audience. This is a website devoted to Johnson w/ some great info, (forthcoming) files, interviews, etc. Two […]

Claude Royet-Journoud reads in French and Keith Waldrop reads English translations in 1984 at the Ear Inn NYC.

University of Denver’s Word + Image archive. Some recordings of recent readings and guest lectures available on the site: Robin Blaser Alice Notley Eileen Myles Rae Armantrout In the near future, recordings of Renee Gladman, Tomaz Salamun, and many others will be available.

Rosmarie Waldrop reading on Close Listening. Waldrop in conversation with Charles Bernstein. Rosmarie Waldrop’s Pennsound Page

Denver Reading Reading @ The Dikeou Collection Eric Baus Arda Collins Jen Tynes Friday, November 6 Doors open at 7 pm; the reading begins at 7:30. The Dikeou Collection is located in Downtown Denver: The Colorado Building 1615 California Street (at 16th Street) Suite 515 Denver, CO 80202

Emmanuel Hocquard reading in French and Peter Gizzi reading him in translation. * Olivier Cadiot reading in French and Charles Bernstein reading him in translation. * Dominique Fourcade in conversation with Charles Bernstein on Close Listening. * Jean-Michel Rabate in conversation with Charles Bernstein on Close Listening. * Nicole Brossard reading the poem “Si Ceci […]

Paul Killebrew reviewed Tuned Droves in the new Poetry Project Newsletter. Here is a PDF of the review. Or click on images to enlarge and read: *** CA Conrad’s somatic poetry exercise for Tuned Droves is included on Steve Evans’s Third Factory site: Eric Baus | Tuned Droves | Octopus | 2009 Be fully dressed […]

New mini-review of Tuned Droves on the Black Ocean Blog. Tuned Droves Eric Baus Octopus Books, 2009 $12.00 Eric Baus’s buzz is the kind that jars the latent sounds of life. The experience of reading Tuned Droves begins as if you’re standing a few feet from a bee hive and proceeds to curl up right […]

Eric Baus Pennsound author page.

This reading series, hosted by Kristi Maxwell and Michael Rerick, is now up on PENNsound. You can hear my reading here, Gina Myers’ reading here, and Dana Ward’s reading here. Gina Myers’ new book A Model Year is available. Some of Dana Ward chapbooks: New Couriers (PDF download via Dusie) and The Imaginary Lives of […]

A really great conversation between CAConrad and Garrett Caples up on Phillysound. Caples reading at Pegasus Books in 2007. A review of his second book, Complications, by Brian Strang on the Verse Blog. Another review of Complications by John Olson on Galatea Resurrects. Caples’ books for sale at SPD.

Tuesday by Lisa Robertson.

My Mother by John Wieners. Wieners’ newly updated PENNsound page. Steve Evans has a post on Wieners’ poem “Cocaine” from the same reading.

A new review of Tuned Droves up on Rob Mclennan’s blog. Thanks Rob!

Cincinnati: Eric Baus, Gina Myers, and Dana Ward Thursday, Aug. 13, at 7 p.m. Bon Mot/ley Reading Series The Bon Mot/ley Reading Series takes place in the Clifton Cultural Arts Center on the second Thursday of each month. The CCAC is located at 3711 Clifton Ave., and you can learn more about the center here: […]

An interview with Tan Lin on Galatea Resurrects #12. In the GR interview he discusses HEATH (PLAGIARISM/OUTSOURCE). You can hear Tan Lin and Kareem Estefan co-read from this work on Kareem’s program Ceptuetics Radio. .

I answer rob mclennan’s 12 or 20 Questions. It’s been great to read the responses from other writers on rob’s site. I especially liked Forrest Gander’s. Steve Evans recently posted some audio commentary on one of my poems at Lipstick of Noise. It’s always nice to see attention payed to the ambiguity of sounds and […]

New Thom Donovan Page on PENNsound.

Ish Klein interviews the Quay Brothers.

Publishers Weekly recently ran a review of Tuned Droves. Tuned Droves Eric Baus. Octopus (SPD, dist.) $12 paper (88p) ISBN 978-0-9801938-1-7 Baus’s second collection picks up where his debut, The To Sound, left off, exploring the ways we mishear, misread and misunderstand, and offering novel means of reading a kind of insular, new language. The […]

3 poems from Fred Moten’s 2-28-08 UPENN reading: William Parker/Fred McDowell “…song for a moving picture of the tone world…” *** There is Blackness “…a particular embraced affinity of veering…” *** I come from around…” (from “I ran from it and was still in it.”) “…song is homeless for running away inside…”

Here is a new review of Tuned Droves written by Brigitte Byrd in Oranges & Sardines. Click on image to enlarge:

I will be reading on the East Coast a few times in the next week or so: Eric Baus (book release for Tuned Droves), Cathy Park Hong, Karla Kelsey, Keith Newton & music by Snowblink Sunday May 3, 5:30-8pm Yardmeter Studios: 267 Douglass St, Brooklyn, NY. More info here. *** Wednesday May 6, 2009 8:00pm […]

Free Rein


Free Rein (Andrew Joron, Joseph Noble, and Brian Lucas) sounds like this. I support anything that involves a theremin.

I just got done reading Chris Nealon’s new book Plummet and I thought it was really really great. I hope to say something more articulate soon. I’m also hoping there’s some audio of Chris someplace in the world.

Stan Mir has a new poetics blog with a great name: Best Nightmare You Get See Stan read poems in his bathrobe at Dorothea Lasky’s Tiny Tour here Yay Stan! Yay Philadelphia!

Tuned Droves


Octopus Books just published my new book, Tuned Droves. SPD has copies in stock here. You can also order it directly from Octopus Books via paypal ($12, includes shipping). It is also available from Amazon. Travis Nichols wrote some nice things about the book on the Poetry Foundation blog. This is a poem from Tuned […]

Ceptuetics Radio is a great program hosted by Kareem Estefan. I’ve listened to a bunch of these and have always been glad I did.

Steve Zultanski


Steven Unique Party Experience Zultanski

Andrea Rexilius, To Be Human Is To Be A Conversation Excerpt and Ordering Info Jen Tynes, Heron/Girlfriend

Twenty One Times by John Taggart was my pick for the Wave Books Poetry Politic blog. Lately, I have been thinking about the importance of segmenting recordings of individual poems that appear within larger files such as interviews or entire readings. This was one that I loved from Leonard Schwartz’ great radio program XCP: Cross […]

Microphone + Title by Noah Eli Gordon, published in ActionYes. Read by Eric Baus, Noah Eli Gordon, and Sara Veglahn.

“For more than 30 years the Shortwave radio spectrum has been used by the world’s intelligence agencies to transmit secret messages. These messages are transmitted by hundreds of Numbers Stations.” The Conet Project Thank you Sara Veglahn for introducing me to these! This is my ideal soundscape.

This is my August Muxtape Mix. The tracks are: Gertrude Stein, Interview Dorothea Lasky, Some People Do It John Cage, from Silence Sawako Nakayasu, Texture Notes: Texture of a Conductor Barbara Guest, Windy Afternoon John Yau, Russian Letter Peter Gizzi, Masters of the Cante Jondo CAConrad – distorted torque of FLORA’S red [from (Soma)tic Midge] […]

Bhanu Kapil discusses The Vertical Interrogation of Strangers

Me reading Rebecca’s poem Caught in the Maw Rebecca reading some poems from Tuned Droves

This is my July Muxtape Mix. The tracks are: Alice Notley, All My Life Tomaz Salamun, Red Flowers Nicole Brossard, Si Ceci est Mal Bhanu Kapil, from Autobiography of a Cyborg Bernadette Mayer, from Studying Hunger Dorothea Lasky, Two Assholes Lorine Niedecker Susan Howe & Dave Grubbs, Thorow – Part One Nathaniel Mackey, from Atet […]

Bhanu Kapil reads from “Incubation: A Space for Monsters” and “Humanimal: A Project for Future Children” “Am I alive? Am I alive now? I am alive.”-BK

Jesse Seldess reads Hum With from his book Who Opens (Kenning Editions). Dear Jesse, I like the hiss behind your voice.

Moten Lecture Currently looping/listening to this.

Bird in Snow

This discussion between Steve Evans and Al Filreis raises so many important questions about audio files, scholarship, and pedagogy. I would really like to segment and annotate parts of this soon. This is worth downloading. Please listen to it.

Dorothea Lasky & Thom Donovan read their collaboration Deadpan.

I met and became friends with Ryan Eckes when I lived in Philadelphia. What I like about Ryan’s poems is the way they often drift between concrete physical landscapes and language as its own landscape, and between humility and harshness. I re-read Ryan’s chapbook the other day while taking a bath and I ended up […]

New MP3’s picked by Danny Snelson. I really like the Darren Wershler-Henry recording.

C.D. Wright reads all of Deepstep Come Shining

Alvin Lucier’s The Only Talking Machine of its Kind in the World (for speaker and tape-delay system) LINK to page on UBUweb Performers: Chris Cogburn – speaker Christopher Burns – computer and electronics Matt Ingalls – computer and electronics The Score: Alvin Lucier – “The Only Talking Machine of Its Kind in the World” for […]

Juliana Spahr reading Thrashing Seems Crazy

This is a recording of Nathaniel Mackey reading from Will Alexander’s Letters to Rosa. Some excerpts of this project appear in Chain #6. This is Nathaniel Mackey reading from his first epistolary novel Bedouin Hornbook. It is one of my favorite recordings of anything ever. I remember listening to this recording in the late 90’s […]

PENNsound has just made all of their William Carlos Williams recordings available as singles. This is a big deal, especially for anyone teaching his work. Yay!

These are some MP3’s I’ve been listening to lately: Stacy Doris, Initial Brian Kim Stefans, Um, Uh Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge, Health and Safety John Godfrey, This Big Wingspread

Summi Kaipa reads The Epics on PENNsound. Here’s a link to a brief print excerpt and ordering information via Leroy Chapbooks.

I was excited to see this recording of Rachel Blau DuPlessis reading her poem “Draft 85: Hard Copy” up on PENNsound. In the poem’s footnotes, DuPlessis explains: “This poem, as will be evident, is mapped loosely on, thinks about, and responds to George Oppen’s 1968 work ‘Of Being Numerous.’” I thought it might be useful […]

Since moving to Denver last week, I had a chance to use my Olympus Digital Voice Recorder with my Sony digital recording microphone. This combination of relatively cheap equipment (~$200 total) creates good quality recordings in .wav format which can easily be converted to MP3’s using Switch, a free audio format converter. Once a file […]

Two Joseph Ceravolo readings have just been posted to PENNsound. These are both wonderful recordings. These are some of my favorites:White Fish in Reeds and Dangers of the Journey to the Happy Land. See earlier posts on Ceravolo (with excerpts from these readings) here and here.

This recording of Spicer reading all of Language was just posted to PENNsound. A recording of Spicer reading all of The Holy Grail is also available on the PENNsound Spicer Page. I’m hoping to comment on these readings in more detail when I get the chance.

Andrew Joron in Amherst (2005) See previous posts on Joron here and here.

Alice Notley in Buffalo (1987) This is one of my favorites from the 1987 reading. All My Life The following poem is from a 2006 reading in Philly: More Important… Notley’s comments at the end of the poem (“I don’t know if that’s true or not. I think about it a lot.”) create an interesting […]

Piero Heliczer reads You coul(d) hear the snow dripping and falling into the deers mouth. See earlier post on Heliczer.

In an earlier post I discussed aspects of Bhanu Kapil’s 1999 reading in Colorado. PennSound recently posted a 2001 reading in Hawaii which includes Kapil reading some of the same poems. I wanted to place some brief but notable moments from both readings next to one another. I’ve become very interested in paying attention to […]

The following recordings are from “In The American Tree” a radio show hosted by Lyn Hejinian & Kit Robinson (8-11-78): From a List of Delusions of the Insane (What They Are Afraid Of) Berrigan discusses his various methods

#1 Catullus #48 (studio recording) #2 Catullus #48 Naropa (1987) #3 Catullus #48 from Rattle Up A Deer (Live at Penny Lane 1989) * #1+#2 overlapped

As I mentioned in the Baraka post, when I heard Mackey’s live reading on PENNsound of “Song of the Andoumboulou: 19” I had another version in my memory that included music. 1) This is the live PENNsound recording: Mackey’s “Song of the Andoumboulou: 19” without music 2) This version is from Mackey’s studio recording “Strick: […]

The versions of Baraka’s “Black Dada Nihilsmus” and Mackey’s “Song of the Andoumboulou: 19” that I picked for the PENNsound MP3 feature are not accompanied by music. However, when I picked these tracks I had the echoes of other versions that were accompanied music in the back of my head. (I’ll discuss the Mackey in […]

As I was listening to this Eileen Myles recording from Boston in 2002 this particular sentence stood out: Myles’ comments (See the previous Eleni Sikelianos post for more context about paratextual comments as poems.)

My friend Stan Mir recently let me borrow a bunch of tapes so that we could digitize them. One of the tapes that I was really excited about was a George Stanley reading from 2000 at the Poetry Project. Happily, the cassette was labeled well and had a listing of poems. I’ve had the tape […]

PENNsound Picks


These are featured MP3’s that I picked on PENNsound. Featured MP3’s

I would like to point out that this site allows multiple clips to play simultaneously. If you hold the cursor over any of the pink text (without clicking on it) an audio player application will pop up and you can hit play. Once one of the files is playing you can move on to another […]

Sometimes while I’m listening to audio files (or listening during a live reading) a reader will say something in between poems that seems like a poem itself. For example, several years ago (late 90’s?) I heard Forrest Gander read in Fort Wayne, Indiana and he had a bad cold. He was carrying around a carton […]

A month or two ago my friends Sara Veglahn and Noah Eli Gordon, who live in Denver, hosted a reading at their house by the poets Andrew Joron, Brian Henry, and Laynie Brown. Noah knew that I would want to hear Andrew’s reading in particular, so he called me up on Andrew’s cellphone then he […]

I typed the word “applause” into the search window of my iTunes library and 3 tracks came up. Apparently, I had separately tracked off applause on Jack Spicer’s July 15th 1965 reading of The Holy Grail, David Shapiro’s 2004 UMass reading, and Mark McMorris’ 2005 UMass reading. Recorded applause seems like something no one really […]

These are 3 different versions of Frank O’Hara’s “Poem (Lana Turner Has Collapsed!”) 1) The first one I think I got somewhere on the internet as a streaming RealAudio file in 2001. At that point, in order to get the file off the internet and onto a CD I had to loop a mini cable […]

This was at the end of a cassette tape I digitized. It’s from the same reading as “Migratory Noon” (see a few posts ago). This kind of thing is usually not listened to and generally gets clipped from digital presentations on websites such as PennSound. I like to put it on repeat on headphones. I […]

I’m interested in the instances when poets bring the work of other writers into their readings. How do these other texts/authors function in relation to the reader’s work/performance? This clip is from Andrew Joron’s Spring 2005 reading in Amherst, MA. Joron began his reading with some comments about the relationship between culture, politics, physics, and […]

I thought it might be useful to talk a little bit about the specific tools I’ve used in digitizing and segmenting files. I used to record live readings with a SONY MD Walkman MZ-R700 recorder with a plug in mic. Then I would play the minidisc record in real time back into my Macintosh (the […]

This Piero Heliczer reading is interesting to me for any number of reasons. First, it’s always mindblowing to hear someone’s actual voice after reading them for several years without it. I think it’s always great to hear someone like Heliczer or Ceravolo read because up until recently it was hard to find their work even […]

This Bhanu Kapil recording made me think more about the phenomenon of laughter as a crowd response as well as false starts or re-voicings within an audio text. In this clip, Kapil’s volume and emphasis shifts radically at a few points. One of the effects this has on the audience is that they laugh: Bhanu […]

Another case of a recording that exists in a space between public and private reception is a recording of Joseph Ceravolo reading in his New Jersey apartment with the radio on in the background. What is the status of this recording? The music in the background seems to complement the poems in places. This recording […]

This is a Bernadette Mayer recording that seems like it was created by Mayer to either practice the performance of a set of poems or to help her revise them. I’m especially interested in these types of recordings that exist in a space between private and public. Is this a private recording that somehow slipped […]

This is an excerpt from a reading John Ashbery gave at St. Marks Church in NYC in 1971. Ashbery comments: “It is kind of an environmental work, if I may be so bold. If you feel like leaving at any point it won’t matter you will have had the experience.” I’m beginning this blog with […]